Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Under the Sea!

A turned four last weekend.  I asked her a couple of months ago what kind of birthday party she wanted to have and she excitedly said, "ARIEL!"  So, since we had skipped having parties for her 2nd and 3rd birthdays, I decided to throw her a super cool mermaid bash.  I spent weeks planning and before I knew it, it was party time.  She really liked the whole shindig and had a great time.  We set up a Little Mermaid slip-n-slide on a hill and a wading pool, which all the kids were thrilled about.  I spent all last week prepping her decorations, planning her cake.  It was a lot of fun.

Some of the 24 fish we made and hung up in our apartment building's rec room - white cardboard we painted, glittered, cut out and added eyes to.  They were a hit!

"Flounder" cookies I made using this sugar cookie recipe and the Wilton fish-shaped cookie cutter..  Dipped them in yellow tinted basic sugar cookie "paint" (milk, powdered sugar and food coloring), then painted on stripes with blue cookie icing and eyes with black gel.

A's princess pink strawberry seashell cake with the Disney Ariel princess doll on top.  I wrapped her legs in plastic wrap and then used green "sparkly" fruit-by-the-foot to make her tail.  Her "bra" is made out of a red one.

Her party was a hit.  Everybody had a really good time and I can't complain much.  I just can't believe my little booger is FOUR already!  What happened?
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