Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Catching Up

Man-oh-man! I have been way overwhelmed this past week by kids, holidays, sick days, laundry, housekeeping, going on a tour, preparing for the upcoming Marine Corps Ball, my husband working ridiculous hours, parties, a friend leaving the island for a visit back to the states, etc, etc, etc! I can't seem to get enough rest in between it all.

I have, however, been bento-ing when appropriate. They're nothing super exciting or special, and I have to admit I am going through Halloween bento withdrawals. I'd love to do some awesome autumn themed boxes but fall in Okinawa definitely leaves something to be desired and so I've been just kind of skating by with A's lunches.

Last Tuesday, she requested leftovers for lunch, which was fine with me. It did make for a very "grown up" looking lunch, though.

Dinner roll (which I had to try out a few new ¥100 tools on and carved a face into), banana, strawberry jelly, skelly-man, corn, and on the bottom tier is peanut butter noodles and grilled shrimp.  She loves seafood!

This morning's bento was even more boring, but will hopefully be a hit anyway.

Pizza sandwich, two fruit gels, mixed tropical fruits, celery with peanut butter and carrot sticks.
Oh well.  Hopefully I get out of my "I miss Halloween" funk soon and interested in making more exciting lunches again.  And by the way, A does have more than one bento box, in case you wondered.  She has a TON of them!  But the box I use for most of her lunches (two tiered, white and it has Hello Kitty on top) is the only one she LOVES and she makes a point to request it every time.  She is so weird.  :)

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  1. I hear ya! I've been insanely busy as well. Your grilled shrimp looks mouth-wateringly good!


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