Thursday, May 26, 2011

Book Review: Emails from an A**hole

Book 14/25 in the 2011 Reading Challenge.  Date completed: May 26, 2011.

I have been a fan of John Lindsay's for quite some time now.  I go there when I am in need of a giggle and I'm pretty sure I've read almost all of his email correspondence posted there.  I was eager to buy the book and read it.  I got through it really quickly, and I spent much of my reading time giggling uncontrollably - I was especially entertained by Killer, the Papillon guard dog.

I think my hopes were a little too high for this book though because I could only give it a three-star rating.  It's not that it wasn't funny - it was hilarious - but it was very short.  And much of the content was taken directly from his website.  I think there was a little more background on each email conversation included in the book, but I was hoping for NEW material, not the same things I'd read in the past couple of years of enjoying his website.  There were a few letters I hadn't read before but they were sprinkled in amidst the ones I was already familiar with.  Don't get me wrong, even the "repeats" had me completely cracking up, but I guess I just expected a little more from the "king of prank-emails".

Still a fun read, but I am not positive about whether or not it actually merits to be included in my reading challenge.  It does, however, inspire me to seek out and respond to some ridiculous Craigslist ads.

As a sidenote, if you are into this sort of thing, I highly recommend 27b/6 - it's even more hilarious (but also slightly more offensive).  My favorite is the Easter Play Permission Slip.  I seriously have never laughed so hard in my life.

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