Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bundle of Bentos

Our external hard drive where we store our photos, music and videos filled up completely so I was unable to upload bento pictures from the past week and a half.  M did some transferring, so now we're back in business and I have a bunch of lunches to share.

Hello Kitty and friends onigiri with ham, carrots and apples.

Corn-doggies with attitude, carrot flowers, banana, baby corn and jelly.
Edamame, baby corn, rice, flower hamburger and bananas.
Macaroni Grill leftovers (by request!):  Broccoli, grilled chicken, pasta and a jelly.
Typical Monday hodge-podge disaster lunch - Anpanman sweet potato rounds, Hello Kitty mini dogs, jelly, baby corn, edamame, kiwi, oatmeal chocolate chip cookie and baby carrots.
Wise sammies - Carrots, ham and cheese owls and veggie crackers (underneath).  She had a sidecar box full of apples with this one.
The boy owl
The girl owl
Packed up nice and cozy in a window-box.  :)

Fun-fun-fun!  This catches me up for the moment.  Thank goodness my computer is functional again!
Bento Lunch


  1. Those are all so cute! Must do some pinning!

  2. You made me feel famous! I was browsing Pinterest and found my own creation! First time ever! :) Thank you


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