Monday, February 13, 2012

Book Review: One Day

Would be book 4/30 in the 2012 Reading Challenge...  Had I finished it.

Another unsuccessful read for me.  I hate these.  I probably could have finished One Day, even though it was taking me an eon to get through, had I not rented the movie.  I couldn't resist it, though.  The book was a dragging-slow read for me and I figured best case scenario, watching the movie might intrigue me enough to finish the book.  Not likely since I tend to be unable to read books after watching the movies, but in this case, I wouldn't have tried.  And frankly, I've never been so thrilled with my decision and insight (shush, just because I didn't anticipate tragedy from this story!  I am calling it insight that I couldn't bring myself to read it!) to put a book down and not pick it back up.

This story is heartbreaking and awful.  It's like When Harry Met Sally meets City of Angels.  Although When Harry Met Sally is one of my favorite movies, City of Angels is one of my least favorites.  One Day is completely unrewarding and torturous.

Don't read it.  And don't watch the movie.  Putting Anne Hathaway's cute little face on any story this tragic should be illegal.

Onward, ho!

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