Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Everything!

Good grief!  The last month just breezed right by.  Husband was home from work for the last half of December, and A was out of school.  When we're in our groove and everybody with obligations is going to work or school, I forget just how full our house can be when we're all home!  It gets downright chaotic!  And to think that I'm even considering humoring my husband with another baby at some point!  I MUST be crazy!

Husband's back and work now, and A will be starting school again on Monday, so it's time for me to get things back under control around here.  Can't believe just how quickly this place falls apart.

Happy belated Christmas and New Year!  I am just chock full of resolutions this year - in fact I seem to be coming up with a new one every hour or so.  It's already coming to the end of January 4 here in Okinawa, so we're nearly 100 hours into 2011...  ;)

I'll try and sort through some of my thoughts and goals another time.  For now I just wanted to pop in and send wishes for an amazing year to everybody out in blogland.  :)

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