Wednesday, January 12, 2011

School's In!

A went back to school yesterday from her winter break.  I packed her a bento since it was a Tuesday.  Excited to get back into my groove.  :)

I like this snowman more than I liked the one I made a month ago.  Isn't he kawaii?  A insisted that she have hot dogs spelling out her name, the way I did with "SNOW" last time.  Unfortunately her name is a little too long to have fit them in there in a cuter way, and the bits with hearts on them (which she also insisted on) had to go underneath.  The alpha-dogs are resting on top of a half of a mikon and three lightly steamed broccoli florets.

Here is her onigiri!  He's adorned with nori details, bone picks, and a scrap of deli ham for his scarf.  His earmuffs are made of nori and M&Ms - which I fastened to his head with a bit of dry spaghetti.  His head is propped up on a couple of baby carrots.

A completely loved this lunch - I think she was so elated to get back to her school day routine and have a bento again (I didn't make enough during the winter break because we didn't really go out anywhere - Okinawa has been having a colder winter this year than we expected) that she could hardly contain herself, to be honest.  She ate all of it (! - seemed like a ton of food to me!) and raved about it afterwards.  I loved it too, to be honest.  It was fun to be back in my kitchen playing with all my cool gadgets!

Bento Lunch


  1. wow...I love it..
    especially his earmuffs are brilliant idea :)

  2. My compliments on the happy snowman ^^

  3. I love the earmuffs! This is insanely cute, I am surprised it wasn't another baby chick issue. You know, I would have no problems if you adopted me. So just keep an open mind HaHa

  4. Hahaha thanks ladies. Kristin, you made me laugh out loud. You should REALLY come visit! We can make bento together every day! For US! Forget the kids. Bwahahaha


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