Friday, February 25, 2011


I love to read.  I love to write.  I devour blogs as quickly as I can track them down.  I go through a very hot and cold relationship with book-reading.  Hot because sometimes I can't peel myself out of my current book and cold because sometimes I get into a funk and don't have the time I'd prefer to devote to my current book.  And then sometimes I just don't know what TO read next.

For Christmas 2009, M bought me a Sony Reader (akin to the Kindle).  I love it.  It's like having a giant book iPod.  And with access to the Reader store, I can generally find a plethora of books (complete with reviews - I am a BIG review shopper) available to me instantly - no driving to the one measly AAFES book store we have on Okinawa, no waiting for to ship (although I do love Amazon for everything else), no hassle.  No bookmarks, no dog-eared pages, nothing destructible for my kids to get their mitts on, and an almost endless amount of storage space - I could keep literally hundreds of books in my purse at any time.  Don't I sound like an advertisement?  I swear nobody's paying me for this - I wish somebody would though!

I also became a member of, so I can add books I'd like to read, books I've read, and books I am currently reading.  There is an iPod app that enables me to instantly record the page number of my current book and also allows me to scan the barcode on the back of any book and instantly read the reviews and/or add it to my library.  I love nerdy gadgety things so this is all right up my alley.

Kari's book montage

To Kill a Mockingbird
Where the Sidewalk Ends
Romeo and Juliet
Little Women
The Lovely Bones
The Time Traveler's Wife
Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West
Dear John
The Guardian
The Lucky One
The Last Song
Still Alice
Shutter Island
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
Running with Scissors
Safe Haven
Confessions of a Military Wife
Possible Side Effects
One for the Money

Kari's favorite books »


Anyways if you happen to read Cloudy at all frequently (though I know that here lately there has not been a lot to read!) you may have noticed my little 2011 Reading Challenge widget in the sidebar.  I have given myself a goal of reading 25 books before the end of the year.  (Just one of my MANY 2011 New Year's Resolutions.)  I'm four (and a half) books into the year so far - not terrible for February.  I want to go back and make quick reviews on my four books and then do quick reviews on the books I read from here on out so that at the end of the year I can go back through and review them.  Plus, it might inspire somebody else to pick up a book and read.  AND while my husband is a closet reader - secretly he enjoys it!! - he is a terrible procrastinator and he never gets through books, which means that I don't hardly ever have anybody to discuss my latest reads with.  It drives me crazy!  I get involved.  I feel a loss when I finish a book.  I have a desire to re-hash the story.  So maybe I'll have some sort of relief if I re-hash them a little bit here.  Plus, I've been so blog-lazy lately that perhaps it will motivate me back into the groove.

Keep your eyes peeled for my four mini-reviews coming soon.  If you're not into reading...  I'm sorry in advance!

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  1. I'm excited to see your reviews! My hot/cold relationship is somewhat similar. When it's hot, I can't stop thinking about it, even when I put it down. When it's cold, I just don't feel like any of the books on my shelf are calling my name.

    Looking forward to hearing what's on your (albeit digital) bookshelf!


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