Friday, September 24, 2010

Baby Cheek in a Nest

A's lunch today was her request.  A couple of days ago, I was perusing Weelicious and came across this recipe, and the photo made me burst out laughing.  She came over to see what was so funny and was in awe.  She immediately asked me to "put that baby cheek" in her lunch box.

This morning, I obliged.  Mine isn't as perfect as the original, but I don't really function all that well at 6AM.  And I made A's "baby cheek" a nest to hang out in, which is actually really delicious - chuka soba, ham ribbons and enoki all pan fried together...  I have the leftovers here and I was pretty surprised at how yummy it turned out.

There's also a pear slice underneath the carrot leaves.  I doubt she'll eat it, but at least I tried.

We made fudge yesterday and I forgot about it last night so she didn't get to have any beyond licking the spoon after I had scraped the pan clean.  I debated putting a chunk in her bento but decided it'll just be a fun after school Friday treat instead.

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