Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I dabble, really.

Googling through some of the incredible Bento moms, I am always impressed at the skill and care and CUTE that goes into their childrens' lunch boxes.  A attends Yochien - Japanese preschool/kindergarten - and I am required to send her with a packed bento twice a week - Tuesdays are full bento days and on Fridays I am supposed to send her with something to accompany the school-provided bread and milk.

My bentos are not super kawaii or anything, but I definitely am trying (and learning!) and A really enjoys it, too.  It's something fun that I hope to continue even after we've left Japan.  (Which means that much to my husband's dismay, I have already begun stocking up on tools and supplies...)

At the urging of my friend Kristin, I have decided I'll post the photos of A's (and eventually C's, too) bento lunches here - only when cute enough to display though!  Hopefully at some point I'll be blogging here regularly.  (Read:  Hopefully at some point I'll have something interesting enough to blog about here regularly!)

Friday:  Hot dog "kids" with flower carrots and diced peaches

Tuesday:  Octo-dogs, steamed rice, edamame, carrot stars and grapes

Friday:  Leftover pasta, bear shaped ham with nori faces, fruit twist, celery with peanut butter, edamame and strawberry gel.

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