Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Book Review: Alone (Detective D.D. Warren #1)

Book 5/25 in the 2011 Reading Challenge.  Date completed: February 27, 2011.

This book has a Goodreads average rating of 3.77 stars.  I'd call that accurate.  I couldn't resist buying it since I found it on sale in the Reader Store for just 99¢ and it had a decent review rating.  I enjoyed it more than I had expected to - I am not usually a fan of books quite so "action-heavy," but this one was pretty good.  I was about halfway through it before I realized one day (while not reading at all, actually) very randomly that I was pretty involved in the story line.  From that point, I managed to finish up the book pretty quickly.

Essentially this book is a mystery about a Massachusetts State Trooper and his "in the wrong place at the wrong time" connection to a wealthy family consisting of a Judge's son, his wife - the childhood victim of a pedophile, and their perpetually ill four-year-old son.

While parts of it were a bit tiresome for me - a little more trashy and sexual than I thought was necessary, and as a result it was a touch cliche - I found that as a whole, the tangled web of plot and the suspense were just enough to keep me interested without letting the parts I wasn't crazy about completely annoy me.

This was my first experience with Lisa Gardner's writing, and I was for the most part pleasantly surprised.  I thought the mystery in this book was just enough for my liking, and I enjoyed her style.  I wouldn't call her my favorite but I gave Alone three stars; and I added the second book in the D.D. Warren series, Hide, to my "To Read" list.  Certainly not a bad deal for 99¢!

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