Thursday, March 17, 2011

What's in your WHAT!? Wednesday #1

Chelsey at I'll be seeing you... came up with a cute and fun idea for a new blog meme where each Wednesday she'll pose the question: What's in your ______!?

I wanna play!


It's already Thursday here but I think I get a free pass since I am in such a far-off time zone...  LOL!  Making up my own rules already!  But since I haven't been posting many bentos lately I have not had anything fun to do on Wednesdays.  So I'm grasping at straws here!  Cut me a break!

This week Chelsey asks...  What's in your...  Shower!?

Forgive my poor photo quality - I am wayyyy too lazy to connect my camera at the moment so iPod photos it is!  Our shower is super small and I hate it - I just keep reminding myself we are outta here in six months!  Hopefully the next house has a really awesome shower.  :)

In the caddy:
Aveeno Stress-Relief body wash
M's Neutrogena body scrub
Aveeno Positively Radiant face wash
Earth (Japanese hair salon) strawberry-peach shampoo
and in the back Victoria's Secret Glossing shampoo and conditioner
Bar soap goes below.  Hanging is a pumice stone, and beside it all is the Schick Quattro TrimStyle

On the floor:
Aveeno NOURISH+REVITALIZE shampoo and conditioner
Bath and Body Works Moonlit Path Shower cream
M's head&shoulders shampoo

I admit I am a bit of a shampoo junkie.


  1. I love Aveeno!I really like their hair care products too. It is about the only shampoo that I can use where I don't HAVE to put conditioner in my hair afterward.

  2. I had no idea Aveeno made a stress relief body was! How exciting! :)


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