Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Magic of Pinterest

Seriously, I am so hopelessly addicted to Pinterest it's beyond ridiculous.  I find myself searching high and low for awesome things to pin.  And, surprisingly, I actually accomplish things a lot more regularly!  Before, I'd find cool ideas and just leave the tabs open until doing the project became obsolete.  On occasion, I'd bookmark them, but my bookmark folders are basically a jungle.  (See photo at right...  Just a SMALL glimpse into the deep, dark caverns of my bookmarked pages...  Really really really chaotic, seriously.

But with Pinterest everything is organized neatly and nicely in VISUAL folders.  I can find what I am looking for by photo and customized caption.  I can't even promote this awesome website enough.

I have made the kids milk in a cup with the rim decorated in nutella and sprinkles, mini frozen banana pops, and mini banana splits (all shown here), used a delicious raspberry idea to make bento flowers (as seen here), whipped up a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough brownies, made creamy artichoke and chicken pasta for dinner one night, made caramel dip for apple slices that was seriously to die for...  Last night for dinner we had chicken and cheese lasagna roll-ups and 30-minute crusty baguettes.  Today I made some chocolate ice cubes to use in vanilla milk - use google translate to get the recipe from French to English.

I don't know what it is about Pinterest but I am so productive and really enjoying myself these days.  If you're not on there, you really should think about linking up.  I've got 352 pins (and counting) so I think I'll be busy for a while.

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  1. Like you, my bookmarks are a MESS and half the time when you actually DO decide to go back and attempt a project, the link is broken or you never bookmarked it to begin with.

    I've requested a pinterest and am anxiously waiting the productive juice-flowage!


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