Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So far behind!

I feel like I've been bento-ing up a storm lately but have not been keeping up with the blog side of it.  It figures, though, that if it's not one thing it's another.  The following lunches were all in the last seven days or so:

C's hot dog, carrot sticks, pesto pasta, and a "mini-banana split"

A's - same thing, but you can see her sidecar box in this photo (which was filled with diced peaches)

And the "Piéce de résistance" - Chocolate sprinkles milk!  They thought this was the greatest thing ever.
The next day we had a variation on this lunch with the leftover pasta.

Chocolate-dipped frozen banana (it has been HOT around here lately!!), carrot sticks, fruit jelly, pesto pasta and pepperoni bites.

On Sunday, M was out completing his scuba diving certification so I made the girls a bento for lunch while we waited for him to get home.

Cherries, kiwi, romaine salad with grape tomatoes and cheese stars, macaroni and cheese with hot dog crab and octopus.
And I think that about catches us up to speed.  :)

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