Friday, October 29, 2010

Nightmare Bento

Since the movie first came out in theaters, The Nightmare Before Christmas has been my all-time favorite movie.  I love Tim Burton, I love Danny Elfman, and I love love LOVE Jack Skellington.

Yesterday, since we were in Typhoon Chaba and not doing much else, I made A a Nightmare Bento, complete with Jack Skellington and Zero.  She loved it and ate every last bit.

C's bento was more snacky and made up of ghostly goodies.

I think we're down to just one final Halloween bento.  Can't believe it's about to pass us by!

Bento Lunch


  1. Kari - this is FANTASTIC! No wonder your kids eat all their food! ;)

  2. Oh he is so cool! That's a great Jack!

  3. Awesome!! You did a great TNBC bento, very creative!

  4. Gaaaa! AMAZING! You did such a good job. This is the best Jack Skellington bento I have seen. :)


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