Friday, October 22, 2010

Yummy mummies - part 2

More mummies for lunch.  I brainstorm A's lunches the night before so that I won't have to use my brain too heavily in the wee hours of the morning.  I don't work super well before dawn.

Anyways my brainstorm for today's bento got a little out of control.  I have so few bento days remaining before Halloween but so many yummy ideas I want to try out before it passes!  Poor A has had some intimidating lunches as a result.  Today's had way too much food in it (especially for a rainy day when she wasn't able to run and play outside before she ate...  which also happened to be a "bread and milk" day!), but she did enjoy it anyway.  I have a feeling we'll have a bento picnic this weekend so that I can have another extra bento day.  :)

On the right side of her box, she had hot dog mummies made with half cheese dogs and strips of crescent roll dough.  A's not big on condiments so I just poked "eyes" into the dogs before I baked them.  They didn't turn out super defined but A got the point anyway.  She loves the Monster Halloween Backyardigans, so she knows a "mummy king" when she sees one!  The mummies were propped up on a few roasted chickpeas so as to fill in some of the extra space.

The "clutter side"of her bento contained a mish-mash of Halloween themed treats.  I made mini peanut butter cupcakes last night and iced them with chocolate frosting and a candy corn. There's also a couple of Jacarrot-o-Lanterns, a Boo-berry, some kiwi, ghost marshmallows, grape witches and broomsticks.  Uh, can we say excessive?!  LOL!


  1. Mummy dogs! I wanted to make them but I think it will just be the hubby, his friend and me. One of the guys from VA is coming in a week to do the same classes and will be staying with us until he gets a place on base. I don't want him to think I am weird when I start cranking out all these cutesy kids treats. HaHa. I hope A loved the grape witches, you have dedication. I don't know if I could have taken the time to make the hats.

  2. Oh my little one would love this in her lunch box! I'll have to do this for her next week! Great idea!

  3. Kristin - mummy dogs are awesome! Just tell him it's a pig in a blanket. No one will ever know the difference. ;) The witch hats weren't as bad as they look, actually. It's a Bugle shaped chip/snack/whatever that I rolled in cream cheese and then stuck nori to... then I put some cream cheese in the middle and cut out a nori circle and stuck it to the bottom. Really simple! :)

    Kirby - cool!! I hope she enjoys it! :)

  4. Oooh, next time you should try a hershey kiss. That would work great as a hat topper and well chocolate, seaweed grape combo doesn't sound all that bad either.

  5. I had considered a Hershey kiss and even maybe a chocolate wafer as the hat brim, but went with the bugle because I really liked their shape.. Plus the last thing I need around here is a bag of Hershey kisses!! ;) Hehehehe But it would be cute. I'd still like to try it, though!


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