Monday, October 11, 2010

Sport Day Bentos

That's a lot of bento.
In Japan, "Sport Day" is a national holiday.  Like, a REAL national holiday where you have the day off from school or work.  But the schools put on quite a show for Sport Day.  It's one of the biggest events of the year at A's Yochien, and this year was her school's 51st Sport Day Festival.  The event lasts from 9AM till 2PM, so parents are expected to come prepared!  I knew A would be famished after a whole morning of outdoor physical activity, so I packed us big lunches.  Daddy took a thermos of soup, so I only had to pack three lunches instead of four.  Still, three lunches was a whirlwind of effort at 6AM!

A's bento - she ate all of it!

C's bento
My bento
The bentos are pretty much all the same as far as content.  I made some pasta and tossed it with garlic sauteed zucchini, olive oil, and Parmesan cheese.  For the kids, I topped the pasta with Mickey and Minnie Mouse pan-fried ham slices (decorated with nori), mine I topped with left over rotisserie chicken.  Then there's a mini zucchini muffin, spinach and ricotta bites, kiwi, corn, red grapes, and in the kids there's a strawberry jelly.

The lunches went over pretty well - it was definitely interesting to get to watch A eat her bento for once - and Sport Day was AWESOME!  We missed out on going last year (C was a lot smaller and under the weather, daddy was deployed, and I was having a hard time juggling everything - a whole-day affair seemed like a daunting idea!) and I'm actually pretty sad about it.  It would've been really nice to go.  I was extremely impressed by A's abilities and efforts.  She did SO well!


  1. Whoa...definitely lots of bento in there... really admire your spirit and effort to make those lovely boxes..:-)

  2. Yay! She got an award, that is pretty awesome. Looks like she had fun. You sure did pack a lot of food. When I make Patrick's lunches I do them the day before. There is no way I would get up at 4am to pack a lunch for him to take.

  3. To be fair, they all got awards... But at age 4 it doesn't make it any less special! :) She had a great time.

    I could pack A's lunches the night before and I know a lot of people that do that, but when I have things in there of different temperatures it weirds me out - for example the pasta vs. the kiwi. I know it's all fine fine when it's refrigerated, and I know that the pasta's not going to STAY hot... But I like it to not be chilled. You know? It's different when I pack lunches for my hubby though - he can just microwave at work and call it good.


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