Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Biscuit Dough ...Nuts

After I picked up A from Yochien yesterday, I was bored.  She was bored.  C was even bored.

I perused for a while and then stumbled back into the doughnuts recipe.  (By the way, I'm sure you were wondering - I prefer to spell it "Donut".  Don't ask why, I couldn't tell you.)

I thought for a minute.  Biscuit dough.  Biscuit dough.  Biscuit.. - hey!  I HAVE that!  You really don't need much else - powdered sugar and cinnamon/sugar are pretty much staples in our house and I generally have them on hand.

A thought it was the funnest project ever.  I even gave her the camera while I supervised the frying and she snapped most of the photos.  Till C broke a toy and A had to rush to her rescue, of course.

Please note that we cut out the "holes" with a flower cutter  - A's request.  Also please note that INSANE farmer tan!  Holy jeeez!  I should really remember to put sunblock on her before school!  :(

Succcess :)

The best part is that daddy got home early and took the girls to the playground to run off some of the sugar and I managed to clean the kitchen up while they were gone.

This morning I made Weelicious Zucchini Muffins for breakfast and the girls loved them.


  1. I have been wanting to get those doughnut pans so that I can bake doughnuts instead of fry them. I have just been to cheap to buy them. I love the flower cut in the middle :o)

  2. Kristin, they have this frickin ADORABLE donut pan here in Japan. I keep wanting to buy it. It looks like the a waffle iron from candy land.


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