Friday, October 8, 2010

Why October Rules

I experimented in the kitchen yesterday and came up with some really awesome lady bugs.  And then I was like...  I can't do LADYBUGS in A's lunch!  It's OCTOBER!

What was I thinking?!

So I changed my plans and gave her a spoooooky lunch.  She was elated this morning when she saw the photos.

I feel like I went a little overboard for a bread and milk day lunch, but I couldn't even control myself.  So, it is what it is.

On the left, A's got chicken nugget tombstones with BBQ sauce "RIP" and edamame.  Mmmm...
On the right, a half a kiwi with an owl pick, a Babybel cheese and olive eyeball - which is sitting on top of some spooky ghost marshmallows, some carrot-o-lanterns and a "boo"-berry white chocolate dipped strawberry ghost - which are sitting on top of a few grapes.

Bento Lunch


  1. Woh, this fun and sweetly spooky Halloween bento is adorable!

  2. So, so, so, so, so CUTE! I love it -- I wish I was this creative!

    I'm new to the bento craze, but here are some of the bentos I've made over the past couple of weeks (nothing adorable like what you have going on!): Tot Food

  3. Perfect! Love the tombstones and eye ball..i'm so snagging your Wow, such a wicked creative lunch!


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