Monday, October 4, 2010

Circus Breakfast

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

I did my very first "Muffin Tin Monday"! I have been so excited to jump in on this blog-o-sphere trend but kept forgetting to pick up a couple of half-dozen muffin tins for my kids to eat out of.

I think I may be a little bit of a dunce - I couldn't figure out how everybody's Muffin Tin meals always appeared to be lunch - don't any of these kids go to school? So I decided to make my kids Muffin Tin meals breakfast.

Today, I realized most of these moms make their Muffin Tin Monday meal on Sunday afternoon (I think - difficult to say for sure with the time difference). Oh well. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I've already committed to making my kids breakfast...  so I am just going to go with it. (Till I run out of clever breakfast ideas, that is!)  Plus, A was so excited about it that she was up early this morning to see what kind of fun I had planned.  All in all, I think it was a hit.

The theme this week was "circus".  It has been SO long since I went to a circus, and sadly my kids have never been to one.  The closest A knows to a circus is Jojo and Goliath!

Oh well, she's all about fun stuff, so it worked out.

A and C's Circus Muffin Tin breakfast

Top row: "Clown hair" scrambled eggs, circus animal crackers, mini "corn dog" (pancake dipped sausage)
Bottom row: Caramel apple bites, peanut butter fluff dip, and "cotton candy" yogurt.



  1. Many of the moms homeschool and others have young children. And then some do Sundays. Welcome! Your tins are cute!

  2. I love the tin. The clown hair was such a great idea. I usually make my tins on Thursday just encase the weekends get busy.

  3. When MTM first started, I think it was mostly with kids too little for school and homeschooling families, and we really did eat it on Monday... and post it late in the day.

    Now that it's such a big bloggy deal, many folks - myself included - make it on a different day or time so we can have the post ready to go first thing Monday. :)

    But I love MTM breakfasts, too. Your clown-hair scrambled eggs look great!

  4. It looks delicious. I love the clown hair.

  5. Great theme tins and love the clown

  6. I do breakfasts, lunches, snacks, dinners AND deserts. It just depends on when I feel like it, what I have on hand to use up etc... After school snacks after a long day would be a great pick-me-up, don't you think?

  7. I've learned a lot from the comments here. Right now I am making my Muffin Tin meals on the Monday for lunch, and we are one of the above mentioned families that homeschools. I was wondering how so many people had their posts done so early. So far my themes for the week have been working with the theme for the muffin tin, so I want to do it on the Monday for lunch. I do like your breakfast! Love the clown hair idea. I actually blanked for this theme and fell back on my trusty letter of the week theme, which was M this week.

  8. Whew! I suppose I am just naïve to homeschooling because I don't have the patience for it myself! LOL! I hadn't even considered that the moms were homeschooling. Whoooops! Kudos to you moms that do it! :) I still consider my kids to be "young" - even though A attends Yochien, she's not even five yet and the muffin tin proved to be more than she could eat in one setting (though she always manages to bring her bentos home to me completely empty!). Ah well - still worth the effort for the "fun factor". I do love the idea for an after school snack, too! Thanks for the comments, everybody. :)


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