Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hello Kitty Pizzas

Ok, so my friend sent me a photo of these ADORABLE Hello Kitty mini-pizzas last week and I decided I just HAD to make them.  A is like the biggest Hello Kitty fan ever.

Last night I did it.  It took me forever and was the most frustrating project ever.  I definitely am lacking in patience.  And they didn't turn out half as cute as the original!  LAME!  But A still loved them and I put them in her bento today.  It came home empty, so that's always a plus.

Apple slices, Hello Kitty carrots, orange wedges, a snowball and a jelly...
Two HK mini pizzas and edamame
Oh well.  At least she was impressed!

Bento Lunch


  1. I think that they turned out good. Unless you added an unhealthy amount of cheese the sauce was bound to leak through the cheese.

  2. This is true, and I was running low on Mozzarella. So that wasn't even an option. ;) hehehehe

  3. I do see the HK in the pizza...I guess A sensed your huge-loving effort in making them and thus finished her lunch ^o^

  4. SO cute!! My daughter would LOVE the Hello Kitty Pizzas!

  5. Love the HK pizzas, so awesome! Happy WFLW :)


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